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e track tie down with ratchet
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DKG-338 2” x 12’ E Track Strap with Ratchet

DKG Straps™

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  • RELIABLY PROTECT YOUR CARGO – Tie down your cargo easily in an enclosed trailer or a work van using our standard E track ratchet straps, and stay assured of your cargo safety. Freely sliding cargo may or may not be threatening to life but it sure can get badly damaged during transportation, and could result in significant financial losses. Our 2” wide and 12’ long ratchet straps come with e track spring fittings or E track connectors
  • HIGH LOAD CAPACITY – With ratchet made up of rugged and rust-resistant steel, and webbing made up of high-tenacity, heavy duty polyester material, our e track straps or enclosed trailer tie downs boast a working load limit of 1000 lbs (453 kg), and sturdy end fittings with powerful springs.
  • EAYS TO USE – Both ends of our ratchet tie down strap are equipped with E track spring fittings such that they can be effortlessly hooked to standard E-track slots of the E-Tracks mounted on the inner walls or floor of the van or enclosed trailer. Moreover, the ratcheting arrangement of e track strap or ratchet straps makes it extremely easy to apply desired tension and lock the webbing in position
  • DURABLE DESIGN – Superior quality polyester webbing of our cargo straps offers better grip, doesn't shrink or stretch, offers high wear & tear resistance, and continues to perform new like for way longer while also adhering to recommended standards of safety and quality control. Even the steel ratchet and e track clips are capable of easily withstanding the forces, jerks and shocks resulting during transportation.



- Check if your E track is firmly installed in position and doesn't have any loose screws 
- Press the tie-down's e track fitting and insert the hook into any slot of standard E track – be it on the walls or on the floor 
- Wrap the webbing around your cargo, and snap the other end into another E track 
- Pull on the top clasp to loosen the strap, then crank the ratchet handle up and down to tighten
- To remove the strap, push down on the projected piece and slide it out – easy, ain't it?