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About us

   Welcome to DKG STRAPS®, a brand that offer strong and reliable cargo straps for professionals and non-professionals.

   It all started when a transportation industry veteran decided to share his knowledge and expertise with the world. With you! During his 15 years of experience, the founder of DKG STRAPS® tested many different kinds of cargo straps and found out what it takes to build a strong and reliable strap, a strap that will make any transportation easy and safe.
So that’s how DKG STRAPS® came to be!

  DKG STRAPS® offers you a great variety of cargo straps in many different lengths for different applications. Nonetheless, all of the straps share two things: quality and durability.

   We use the best quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes and techniques in order to build our cargo straps. We also test them to make sure that they can withstand any weight, weather condition and moisture.That’s how we know that theDKG STRAPS® are water-resistant and safe. We are experts in this industry, so you can trust us.
   This may be professional equipment, however, our cargo straps are very easy to use. Any transportation will be fast and effortless if you use the DKG STRAPS®. In addition, cargo will be safer than ever, thanks to the heavy duty webbing, strong hooks and sturdy ratchets. DKG STRAPS®s has got your back!

   Apart from providing you with the most durable and safest ratchet straps on the market, we also strive to provide you with a pleasant and unforgettable shopping experience! And, of course, our obliging customer service is always at your disposal to accommodate your needs and answer any question or give you extra information, so don’t be afraid to contact us! 

   Take a look at our website and discover our vast collection of heavy duty tie-down straps. Be sure that you’ll find what you’ll be looking for.

   Mission Statement

   Our mission here at DKG STRAPS® is to provide you with professional, heavy duty cargo straps, so that you can transport any cargo effortlessly and with safety. To make that happen, we use the best quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes, as well as the knowledge and experience of experts. With DKG STRAPS® any transportation is possible and easy.