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swivel j hook strap
over tire tie down
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DKG-321 2" x 10' Swivel J Hook Strap with Ratchet

DKG Straps™

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  • FUNCTIONALLY EFFECTIVE DESIGN – With 3 sliding rubber blocks that allow for appropriate placement, grip and locking of tire in position, 3 swivel J hooks that offer hassle-free and easy attachment to the trailer, and 1 wide handle ratchet, this is one of the most reliable car tie down solution – be it racing cars, luxury cars, custom ones or passenger vehicles. Get our auto ratchet tie down straps for building an auto hauling business that can be trusted for its service.
  • UNPARALLELED SAFETY – The floating rubber blocks which are also known as Rubber Tire Cleat Tread Grabs can be slid along the length of the webbing for appropriate positioning, and the integrated projections fit into the grooves of tire for remarkably better grip. The industrial grade webbing of our auto tie downs is also made up of high tenacity polyester and together with other components the entire arrangement offers a working load limit of 3330 lbs.
  • GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY  – Metal components being Made from heavy duty, high corrosion resistance steel, our auto tie down straps or car tie down straps offer incredible performance while significantly reducing risk of on-road accidents that could occur due to weak fittings & loosely secured vehicles. The webbing too doesn't easily wear/tear, shrink/expand, and thus continues to give new-like performance for way longer.
  • EASY TO USE – Easily strap down the tire of your vehicle using generous 10’ webbing, conveniently apply desirable tension using the ratcheting mechanism, ensure a perfect grip with 2” wide webbing, and with 360° swivel hook design effortlessly attach the tire strap to the trailer – our car tie down straps for trailers are an auto-hauling industry preferred tie down solution and a must for you if you are looking for safe ways of transporting vehicles.

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