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DKG-314 Cargo Winch Strap with Flat Hook


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  • SAFE & RELIABLE – Secure your cargo reliably such that neither your cargo nor the safety of the highway users is compromised. DKG Cargo Winch Strap offers an easy to use tie down option for your cargo that allows you to secure your cargo tightly such that it doesn't shift in transit – be it short haul cargo from port to distribution center or long distance regional freight, be it stack of lumber, pipes, plywood or any other freight.
  • HEAVY-DUTY PERFORMANCE – With 4” wide tie down straps that are made up of high tenacity polyester, our trailer tie downs boast DKG STRAPS® 5400 lb working load limit, aren't susceptible to damage by moisture, sunlight, UV or other extreme weather conditions, do not absorb water or result in shrinkage or expansion, and are even corrosion resistant – be assured of the safety of your cargo with our high-quality, rigorously tested tie downs.
  • EASY TO USE – Extremely easy to use trailer straps design that allows for frustration free tie down experience – simply insert the flat hook on one end of the webbing into a stake pocket of the trailer or over a side rail of the trailer, run it over the load, tie the loose strap end to a winch (not included) on the other side of the trailer, and adjust the winch to desired strap tension. The long 30’ length of each strap further improves the ease of securing cargo
  • ENHANCED SAFETY – Each flat hook comes with a thoughtful inside defender that effectively prevents cutting of the straps, thus further improving the reliability of the truck bed tie downs. Black powder coated steel flat hook attachments at the end of the webbing are designed for lifelong performance, and offer high strength, durability, and reliability.

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